Classes for Grundisburgh Village Show - 16 July 2022

Open to people from all areas


1.   Petite arrangement. 10cm/4” in all directions.

2.   What! No flowers! Arrangement of greenery no flowers. Max 61cm/24”. 

3.   Floating flower heads in bowl without leaves.

4.   Arrangement in a vegetable. Max 30cm/12”.

5.   Bottled Blooms. Three flowerheads displayed as individual blooms in three beer bottles.

6.   An arrangement in a candlestick. Max 61cm/ 24”.

7.   In the Pink. Three single pink blooms with foliage. 30cm x 30cm/12” x 12”.

8.   A grassy meadow. Nothing but grasses. Max 61cm x 61cm/ 24” x 24”.

9.   An arrangement of herbs in garden container.  Max 45cm x 45cm/18” x 18”.

10.  A decorative arrangement of sweet peas. Max 46cms/18" (for the Muriel K Lingley Perpetual Challenge Cup).

11.  A decorative arrangement of garden flowers. Max 61cms/24" (for the Eileen Goodwin Cup).



*  Entries must be kept within size specified. There are no height limitations. 

The sizes apply to the whole arrangement, including the container.

*  Only in class 10 must the materials be grown by the exhibitor.

*  The flowers in class 11 must be from a garden.

*  The Perpetual Cup is awarded to the exhibitor with most points in classes 1 to 11.  



12.  Mixed garden flowers, max. five varieties, two stems of each.

13.  Three stems of the same perennial.

(The new Katie’s Gardens Perennial Challenge Trophy will be awarded for the most points in classes 12 and 13).

14.  One potted pelargonium (geranium), any colour. Max 23cms/9” pot. 

15.  One pot plant in bloom (not pelargonium). Max 23cms/9” pot.

16.  Six spikes of annual sweet peas.

17.  A circular hanging basket. Max diameter 36cms/14".

18.  One rose judged for perfume.

19.  One specimen rose (for the Major General Gurdon Challenge Cup).   

20.  Three HT roses, any variety (for the Ivor Marjoram Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup). 

21.  Six pansies (for the Deryck Gray Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup).  

22.  Tree grown in a pot from seed or nut.

23.  Cacti or succulent. Could be mixed. Max 23cms/9” pot.

24.  Three stems of pinks.

25.  Potted indoor plant. Max 23cms/9” pot.

26.  Three stems of lily. Can be mixed varieties.

27.  Three stems of dahlia. Can be mixed varieties.



*  The maximum width or depth of plants or pots must not exceed 46cm/18”.

*  Classes are judged on the quality of flowers, not the arrangement. 

*  Where vases are specified, exhibitors may borrow one of the special vases available on entry night or the morning of the show (first come, first served). 

*  Points gained by the winners in this section go towards the David Warren Perpetual Challenge Cup for Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit. 



28.  A pot of any variety of herb grown from seed or cutting. Max 31cm/12” pot.

29.  A collection of three bunches of herbs in a container, tied and named.

30.  Pot grown edible chili plant. Max 20cms/8” pot.

31.  Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage). Displayed with roots intact, well washed and wrapped in moist tissue and inserted in a neatly tied plastic bag. 

32.  One lettuce, any variety or colour.

33.  Five tomatoes of one variety.

34.  Five tomatoes of any variety, colour or size. Can be mixed. 

(The new Richard Garrett Memorial Cup will be awarded for the most points in classes 33 and 34).

35.  Five potatoes of one variety.

36.  Three carrots, long, with tops tied. 

37.  Three carrots other than long, with tops tied.

38.  Five pods of peas.

39.  Five pods of broad beans.

40.  Five runner beans.

41.  Five French beans.

42.  Three onions, tops cut and tied.

43.  Five shallots, grown from bulbs, tops cut and tied.

44.  Three sticks of rhubarb.

45.  Three courgettes, max length 15cms/6".

46.  One summer cabbage.

47.  One cucumber, any variety.

48.  Three globe beetroot with leaves and tops tied (for the Steven Muttitt Memorial Trophy).

49.  Heritage veg. Your choice. Displayed with seed packet.

50.  Longest runner bean.

51.  Collection of three kinds of vegetables, three of each (not just those above), 

displayed on tray, max 61x46cms/24”x18” (for the John Farrow Cup).

 52.  Exotic or unusual vegetable.

53.  A vegetable disaster, the one that went wrong.



Points gained by the winners in this section go towards the David Warren Perpetual 

Challenge Cup for Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit. 


54.  Six raspberries. Displayed with stalks on. 

55.  Six strawberries. Displayed with calyx on. 

56.  Six strings of red currants.

57.  Six strings of blackcurrants.

58.  Six gooseberries.

59.  Six berries of same variety (not those listed above).


*  The Dunnett Cup will be awarded for the most points in classes 54-59.

*  Points gained by the winners in this section also go towards the David Warren 

Perpetual Challenge Cup for Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit.



60.  One jar of strawberry jam.

61.  One jar of soft fruit jam other than strawberry.

62.  One jar of orange marmalade (not jelly).

63.  One jar of lemon curd.

64. One jar of stone fruit jam.

65. One jar of jelly made from hedgerow or garden fruit.

66.  One jar of fruit chutney.


*  Entries in classes 60 to 65 should be in plain, clear glass jars with no branding and topped with wax paper circle and cellophane cover.  Class 66 should have a white lined or plastic lid.

*  A label on the side should give type and date made.

*  The exhibitor number must go on the jar, not the cover.

*  The Perpetual Challenge Cup will be awarded to the exhibitor with the most points total in classes 60-66.



67.  Four cheese scones (plain cutter).

68.  Gluten free lemon drizzle cake (to recipe).

69.  Victoria sandwich, made with a three-egg recipe in approx 18cms/7” dia. tin.

70.  Four gingerbread squares approx size 6cm/21/2” (to recipe).

71.  A flask of home-made soup, own recipe.

72.  Individual chocolate mousse. 

73.  Rubbed in fruit cake (to recipe)

74.  Four Maids of Honour (own recipe).

75.  Eight parmesan shortbreads (to recipe).

76.  Sourdough loaf (own recipe). 

77.  Men only: Sourdough loaf (own recipe).  

78. (Men only) Cherry and coconut cake (to recipe, 
for the Andrew Turner Memorial Cup).

Notes * The recipes will be included in the show schedule and on website.

*  Entries should be loosely covered by a clear polythene bag, not clingfilm.

*  Entry numbers must be on the plates, not on covers.

*  Victoria sandwich – no cream, the jam should be raspberry and dusted with caster sugar. The sponge can be made the day before and filled on the day.

*  The Perpetual Challenge Cup is awarded for most points in classes 67-77).



79.  Three poultry eggs, white, brown, blue or mixed.

80.  One jar of honey.

81.  One bottle of lemon cordial.

82.  One bottle sloe gin (min size 250ml).

83.  One bottle of other fruit based alcoholic drink (min size 250ml).



*  Eggs should be displayed in a small basket or similar, and a saucer should be provided into which the judge can crack one egg open.

*  Entries in classes 81-83 should be presented in plain, clear glass bottles, and should be filled to within half an inch of the cork or screw top. In the case of class 83, the variety of fruit and type of alcohol should be listed on a label on the bottle.




84.  A vase of flowers. Painting.

85.  Design for back of playing card. Computer.

86.  A happy childhood memory. Collage.

87.  A big East Anglian sky. Painting.

88.  Design based on wheels. Monochrome, any medium, not computer.

89.  Character from a nursery rhyme. Drawing.



* Entrants are encouraged to title their work

*  Artwork is not to exceed 61cm/61cm/24”x24” including the frame, if any.

*  Art collage is a technique of art production where the artwork is made from assembling different forms i.e. paper, textiles, paint etc thus creating a new whole. 

*  The Perpetual Challenge Cup is awarded for the entry judged the best art in show.



90.  Bygone Days – Black & White.

91.  Shimmering.

92.  Flight.

93.  Dancing Delight.

94.  Playtime.

95.  Hobbies. 



*  Photos must be unframed and mounted on card that does not exceed 30cmx25cm/ 12”x10”. A cardboard mount is acceptable but must not increase the overall size.

*  The Steve Roberts Trophy is awarded for the photograph judged to be best in show.



96.  A knitted item.

97.  A felted item – not from kit.

98.  An item of embroidery. Max size 60cmx60cm/24”x24”.

99.  A handmade wooden item. Not from kit. Max size 60cm x 60cm/24”x 24”.

100.  A patchwork cushion cover.

101.  A machine made garment using paper pattern. Display with pattern envelope.

102.  An item of crochet.

103.  A limerick on theme of “Not Speeding through Grundisburgh”.

104.  A handmade pottery bowl.

105.  Handmade greeting card decorated with quilling (not from a kit). Display with envelope. 

106.  A necklace handmade to your own design. Any medium.


Note:  * The Joyce Page Perpetual Challenge Cup is awarded for most points in 
classes 96-106.



107.  A jar of soft fruit jam.

108.  Tea bread loaf to recipe.

109.  Flower arrangement using five flowers and foliage.

110. A knitted garment.

111 A tote bag made from recycled materials   


Notes: * These classes are open to people aged 65 or over on show day.

*  The Barber-Starkey Challenge Cup will be awarded for most points in classes 



112.  Handicraft:  I do this for a hobby - amaze us!

113.  Three stems of the same variety of flowers from my garden. 

114.  Something I enjoy eating from my garden.

115.  Four flapjacks. Own recipe.



* Beginners classes are open to people who have never entered any adult classes in 

the Village Show before.

* The Gary Cole Memorial Challenge Cup will be awarded for most points in classes 




YOUTH 12-16    

116.  A poster on “Not speeding through Grundisburgh”. Any medium, not computer.

117.  Four cheese straws on a paper plate; exhibitor’s recipe.

118.  A miniature garden grown in a recycled container.

119.  A landscape or seascape using any medium (max A3). 

120.  You’ve made it, let’s see it.  i.e. any piece of art or craft (max A3 base).


CHILDREN (8 - 11)   

121.  A photograph: The street (any street).

122.  A picture made using mainly leaves (no bigger than A3).

123.  A mini greenhouse (see guidance).

124.  A decorated cupcake (using frosting, buttercream or fondant) on a paper plate.

125.  You’ve made it, let’s see it.  i.e. any piece of art or craft (max A3 base).


CHILDREN (5 - 7)    

126.  An animal pom pom (see guidance).

127.  A ‘stained glass’ piece of art, no bigger than A3. See guidance.

128.  Four shortbread biscuits of any shape. Exhibitor’s choice of recipe. Display on a paper plate.

129.  A crayon, coloured pencil or felt tip pen drawing: “My hero” (max A3).

130.  A decorated wellington boot.


CHILDREN (4 and Under)


131.  A playdough model of a sea creature (on a base no bigger than A4). 

132.  A paper chain Very Hungry Caterpillar. (See guidance)

133.  A crayon, coloured pencil or felt tip pen drawing. ‘Flowers’ (max A3). 
(For the Katherine Freeth Cup).

134.  Four jam tarts. Exhibitor’s choice of recipe. Displayed on a paper plate.

135.  Collage ‘In my garden’. (A collage is a picture assembled using a range of different materials such as tissue paper, feathers, ribbon, dried leaves/flowers etc).


Notes: The guidance notes for the youth and children’s classes are on the website: Hard copies are available from Williams Stores, 
The Green, Grundisburgh. 



Enquiries to show secretary, 01473 738997,

Grundisburgh Burgh & Culpho Horticultural Society.