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Welcome to theGrundisburgh, Burgh & Culpho Horticultural Society 

The Grundisburgh Burgh & Culpho Horticultural Society was formed many years ago to run an annual event called the Horticultural or Flower Show which played a major part in our village life.

In recent years the name was changed to the Village Show to reflect its changing nature when, in addition to the traditional classes, the event has been widened to include a range of entertainments.

We have added a number of complementary events such as:

Hidden Gardens - Held in June each year with over 20 gardens being open.

Garden Party - Held in the summer for around 100 people

Trips & Talks - Added more recently with a variety of trips to places of horticultural interest and talks on related subjects

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One thing that has not changed is the continuing use of a marquee to house the entries, in keeping with the best traditions of shows. This marquee is expensive to hire, and to cover the costs the Society has introduced other events during the year - an open gardens weekend, a dance in the marquee after the show and a garden party.


It is also benefiting from an increasing amount of generous sponsorship from local businesses and individuals.

Unlike many other communities where traditional shows have folded from lack of support, Grundisburgh’s Village Show has been thriving. 


A club for visits to gardens and talks of interest to gardeners has been launched by the society. Please see 'Trips & Talks' for more information.

Our membership allows access to advice, support, ideas & Community Schemes. 

Proudly Affliated

the Horticultural Society became affiliated to RHS in 2018.

Our membership allows access to advice, support, ideas & Community Schemes. 


We are entitled to 1 free visit 

for up to 60 members to any of RHS gardens.

In 2020 we have planned to visit RHS Wisley which includes a guided tour.  Please keep in touch for latest info. 

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