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Classes 2018

Classes for GrundisburGh VillaGe show - 14 July 2018
all classes are are open to people from all areas 

flower arranGinG
1 The 11th hour : Peace at last 1918. accessories may be used, max diameter 61cms/24".
2 flowers for a bridesmaid to carry, accessories may be used, max 30cms/12”.
3 a decorative arrangement of sweet Peas, max 46cms/18" [for the eileen Goodwin cup].
4 arrangement of foliage and driftwood, no flowers or seeds, max 46cms/18".
5 floating flower heads or leaves in a bowl.
6 herbs in a kitchen container, max 46cms/18".
7 a parallel design representing a garden or flower border. accessories may be used, max 61cms/24".
(guidance will be included in schedule).
8 an arrangement using an ornamental vase or stand, max 46cms/18".
9 decorative arrangement of garden flowers, max 61cms/24" [for the Muriel K lingley Perpetual Challenge
10 an arrangement including a musical instrument, max 61cms/24".
11 Men only. an arrangement in a beer tankard.
Note: Driftwood can be any sort of wood, not just that from a beach.
flowers and PlanTs
12 Mixed garden flowers, max. five varieties, two stems of each.
13 Three stems of the same perennial.
14 one potted pelargonium (geranium), any colour, max 23cms/9” pot.
15 one pot plant in bloom (not pelargonium), max 9”/61cms pot.
16 six spikes of annual sweet peas.
17 a circular hanging basket, max. diameter 36cms/14".
18 one rose judged for perfume.
19 one specimen rose.
20 Three h.T. roses, any variety.
21 six pansies.
22 Tree grown in a pot from seed or nut.
23 Cacti or succulent, could be mixed. max 61cms/9” pot.
24 Three stems of pinks.
25 Potted indoor plant, max 61cms/9” pot.
26 Three stems of lily.
VeGeTables & herbs
27 a pot of any variety of herb grown by the exhibitor from seed or cutting, max 10cms/4” pot.
28 a collection of three bunches of herbs in a container, tied and named.
29 Pot grown edible chilli plant, max. 20cms/8” pot.
30 Mixed salad leaves, any varieties or colour, in pot max 23cms/9”.
31 Two lettuce, any variety or colour.
32 five tomatoes of one variety.
33 five tomatoes of any variety, colour or size. Can be mixed.
34 five potatoes of one variety.
35 Three carrots, long, with tops tied.
36 Three carrots other than long, with tops tied.
37 five pods of peas.
38 five pods of broad beans.
39 five runner beans.
40 five french beans.
41 Three onions, tops cut and tied.
42 five shallots, grown from bulbs, tops cut and tied.
43 Three sticks of rhubarb.
44 Three courgettes max length15cms/6".
45 one summer cabbage.
46 one cucumber, any variety.
47 Three globe beetroot with leaves and tops tied.
48 a bunch of five radish with tops on.
49 longest runner bean.
50 Collection of three kinds of vegetables, three of each (not just those above),
displayed on tray max 61x46cms/24”x18”.
51 exotic or unusual vegetable.
52 a vegetable disaster, the one that went wrong.
53 six raspberries. six strawberries.
54 six berries of same variety (not those listed above).
55 six strings of red currants.
56 six strings of blackcurrants.
57 Collection of four types of soft fruit on a dish, not just those listed above
hoMe Made PreserVes
58 one jar of raspberry jam.
59 one jar of soft fruit jam other than raspberry.
60 one jar of orange marmalade (not jelly).
61 one jar of lemon curd.
62 one jar of apple chutney.
Note: Exhibits must be in plain, clear glass jars with no branding, and topped with wax paper circle and cellophane cover,
except for class 62, which should have a white lined or plastic lid. A label on the side should give type and date made.
hoMe baKinG
63 four cheese scones (plain cutter).
64 raspberry jam filled swiss roll (dusted with caster sugar and tightly rolled).
65 Victoria sandwich, made with a three egg recipe in approx 18cms/7” dia. tin.
66 four gingerbread squares (to recipe)
67 a mushroom quiche.
68 four piped meringue shells, unfilled (not nests).
69 rubbed in fruit cake (to recipe)
70 four sausage rolls (shortcrust pastry).
71 six pieces of no bake tray bake (eg Tiffin, rocky road, rice Crispy bake)
72 six shortbread biscuits (round)
73 white plaited loaf
74 (Men only) lemon drizzle cake.
75 (Men only) six cheese straws.
Note: Where recipes are specified, these will be included in the full schedule and on the website.
oTher ProduCe
76 Three poultry eggs, white, brown, blue or mixed.
77 one bottle of lemon cordial
78 one jar of honey
79 one bottle sloe gin.
80 one bottle of other fruit based alcoholic drink.
81 design for a plate commemorating the ending of world war 1. 6”/15cm. Paint.
82 Colouring in printed pattern sheet, using crayon or felt pen. (sheets will be available later).
83 seasonal flowers indoors or out (this could be garden or vase of flowers). Paint.
84 Portrait in black and white, any medium.
85 bowl or basket of fruit. Paint and collage.
86 a birthday card for a teenager. Computer designed.
Note: Artwork is not to exceed 61cmsx61cms/24" x 24" including frame if any.
87 rear view
88 a garden abroad
89 Peace
90 sunset
92 leaves.
Note: Photos must be unframed and mounted on card that does not exceed 30cmx25cms/12”x10”.
93 an item of cross stitch, max size 46cmsx46cms/18"x18".
94 a blanket for Project linus uK, new born16"x20"/40cmsx50cms or lap blanket 90cmsx90cms/36"x36".
details will be given in the schedule.
95 handmade birthday card, not from a kit. display with an envelope.
96 a limerick describing your village or town.
97 a mobile for a child's bedroom.
98 a quilted wall hanging, max size 60cmsx60cms/24"x24".
99 a padded coat hanger.
100 an item of crochet, may be Tunisian crochet.
101 a pair of knitted gloves.
102 a Christmas table decoration using non-perishable materials.
103 a child’s animal, in crochet, knitting or fabric.
oVer siXTy fiVes
104 a jar of soft fruit jam.
105 Tea bread loaf to recipe..
106 a flower arrangement for a special birthday. Max. 30cms/12".
107 a miniature garden in a plant pot saucer, max 20cms/8” diameter
108 a tote bag made from recycled materials.
Note: These classes are open to people who have reached the age of 65 or over on show day.
109 handicraft: i do this for a hobby - amaze us!
110 Three stems of the same variety of flowers from your garden.
111 “something i enjoy eating from my garden”.
112 four rock buns to recipe.
Note: These classes are only open to people who have never entered any classes in Grundisburgh Village Show before.
youTh 12-16
114 a photograph: shoes
115 an artistic tribute to the ww1 Centenary using the poem ‘in flanders fields- John McCrae’ as inspiration
(see guidance)
116 a decorated chocolate cake (judged on presentation and taste- on a paper plate)
117 a mini floral bouquet (see guidance)
118 you’ve made it, let’s see ie any piece of art or craft (maximum a3 base).
Children 8 - 11
119 a photograph: smiles
120 a vase of melted wax poppies (see guidance)
121 shoebox habitat (see guidance)
122 four pieces of flapjack on a paper plate
123 you’ve made it, let’s see ie any piece of art or craft (maximum a3 base).
Children 5 - 7
124 a decorated egg character with cress growing.
125 a vase of pinwheel poppies (see guidance)
126 five chocolate chip cookies to recipe (on a paper plate)
127 a crayon, coloured pencil or felt tip pen drawing - a day in the country (no bigger than a3).
128 a carrot grown from a carrot top; judged for height and healthiness of plant (see guidance)
Children 4 and under
129 a playdough model of a picnic (on a base no bigger than a4)
130 a thumb print painting of poppies (maximum size a3) (see guidance)
131 a crayon, coloured pencil or felt tip pen drawing ‘My self portrait’ (no bigger than a3) for the Katherine
freeth Cup)
132 a decorated ginger bread person on a paper plate; judged solely for decoration so can be shop bought.
133 Collage of a farm (maximum size a3)
Note: The guidance notes will be available on the website www.grundburghshow and in Williams Stores.
The full schedule will be published in May and copies will be available in a range of local outlets and on line.
further information from or by ringing 01473 738267.
TheVillaGe show is orGanised by GrundisburGh, burGh & CulPho horTiCulTural soCieTy

Where recipes are specified, these will be included in the full schedule.